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As the world evolves with technology and innovation, your organizational needs and priorities with innovation will most certainly evolve. What worked in the past likely will not work the same way today or even in the future. We understand that a one-size fits all approach does not work especially as it relates to new technologies and the metaverse. We recognize that your business or organization is unique and diverse. 


At NAR Creative, we pride ourselves in providing customized services and products to meet your needs around social impact and innovation, aligning with what is most important to you, so that you can remain focused on your future!



Strategic Assessments:

Evaluate business foundations that support business development with digital technology innovation -  AR, VR, or select emerging technologies. 

Metaverse Design Consulting:

Support the creative vision and inclusive  / sustainable design efforts for (selected) immersive or emerging tech projects, virtual worlds, or high impact interactive learning experiences.

Strategic Advisory:

Advise or consult to support building metaverse innovation strategy, infrastructure, and operations in businesses and organizations.

Branded Materials:

Create one of kind designs, concepts, learning experiences, or other materials to support technology, learning, and social impact agendas.

Meet Our Founder

Image of the founder of Nar Creative LLC.
Image of founder of Nar Creative LLC.

Natasha Rabsatt, M.S.

Natasha is a strategic designer, XR strategist, advisor, Army veteran, and founder/CEO of NAR Creative. She has over 17 years of experience in diverse industries and sectors leading people and initiatives centered around learning, design, analysis, operational planning, and technology.

Extensive world travel (over 50 countries), living abroad, and experiences in various communities sparked deep interest within Natasha to unlock human potential at the intersection of design and technology. She is a life-long advocate for “mindful design for the future,” which encourages awareness, fluency, and commitment to excellence with inclusion, sustainability, and responsible design best practices with immersive and emerging technologies (also in the metaverse). She believes in building frameworks and foundations that support positive social impact in the world with technology. 

Natasha has a Master of Science degree in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Tampa, a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Military Academy (West Point), and Professional Certificates in Innovation Strategy from Cornell University, and Augmented Reality (AR) | Virtual Reality (VR) from Columbia College Chicago Online.

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