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3 Ways to Build a Mindful Business

Explore three ways to build a mindful business:

1. Adopt Human-Kind Policies.

Mindful businesses value and take care of their people as core foundations for success. Prioritize your employees' well-being with policies and systems that promote work-life balance, respect, mental health support, accessibility, and inclusivity.

Create engagement standards for value alignment with outside collaborators to foster long-term relationships and mindful value creation.

2. Leverage Mindful Innovation.

Mindful businesses make concerted efforts to use technology responsibly. It is important to really put quality time into understanding the “tech you select.” When adopting new technologies, consider their ethical implications and other second and third order effects.

Ensure that innovations align with human values, privacy standards, and contribute positively to society. Planning ahead and building strong foundations and systems are critical to achieving success.

3. Champion Mindful Stewardship.

Mindful businesses care for the planet and other life forms as part of its broader responsibility. Implement sustainable practices and policies to minimize your environmental impact and reduce waste (to include digital waste, which can also be costly).

Consider the long-term sustainability of your digital innovation choices, do your research, and always consider ways to source responsibly; selecting partners and providers who align to your mindful vision and values.


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