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5 Ways to Build More Inclusive (Digital) Tech Experiences

1. Co-create and design with (not for) diverse communities.

This approach emphasizes collaborative and inclusive design processes that involve diverse communities as active participants rather than passive recipients. By engaging with diverse perspectives, needs, and experiences, it ensures that solutions are truly relevant and beneficial to all stakeholders.

2. Incorporate inclusion as a core business value.

Incorporating inclusion into the fundamental values and operations of a business is essential for fostering a diverse and equitable environment where all individuals feel valued and contribute positively to the team. By prioritizing inclusivity, companies foster environments where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered, leading to better outcomes for both employees and customers.

3. Select sustainable and inclusive-conscious technologies.

Embracing technologies that are not only sustainable but also mindful of inclusivity ensures that advancements benefit society as a whole without exacerbating inequalities or harming the environment. This involves choosing technologies that minimize negative impacts and promote equitable access and usage.

4. Leverage life-centered design best practices (humanity, environment, and other life forms).

Life-centered design shifts the focus from solely human-centric approaches to considering the broader ecosystem of life on Earth. By prioritizing the well-being of humanity, the environment, and other life forms, design solutions can be more holistic, responsible, and aligned with long-term sustainability goals.

5. Be accountable - if a mistake is made, learn, and fix it.

Accountability is crucial in ensuring that actions align with intentions and values. Acknowledging and addressing mistakes transparently demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and ethical responsibility. By learning from errors and taking corrective action, organizations can build trust and credibility within their communities.


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