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Is XR Worth It for Your Business? We say, "maybe, if you can get the numbers right."


Diverse woman in a blue zip up shirt wearing a mixed reality headset and using a phone.

Explore Some Mindful Priorities for Any Level of Adoption.

The hype and also the very real possibilities around Extended Reality (XR) are undeniable, but is it truly worth the investment for your business?

Let's break it down with some critical mindful priorities if you decide to consider XR (AR, MR, or VR) for your business or want to do it better:

1. Clear and Defined Purpose.

Clarify how XR aligns with your goals for customer experiences, training, or creativity. Think about how XR will support internal growth, engagement of employees, and support your customer experience. Without this there is a risk of scope creep and misalignment across the entire project or innovation experiment.

2. Life-Centered Alignment.

Prioritize usability, accessibility, and inclusivity for meaningful XR experiences. Ethics, accessibility, culture, and even compliance are all part of this. Think about the impact on people, the environment and the community. Consider sustainable practices, from energy-efficient hardware and creative design and innovation practices to responsible manufacturing and value chain impacts. How will you keep your people safe and ensure compliance at many levels with XR technologies?

3. ROI and Innovation Readiness.

Assess both monetary and qualitative impacts to gauge XR's benefits. Ensure your existing infrastructure can support XR integration without compromising performance or security. Have you truly made the full calculation on the cost of this technology - cost of the experience, maintenance, platform costs and recurring subscriptions, design and consulting, hardware, the whole nine yards? And better yet, do you have internal business governance and processes? If not, we strongly recommend it.

Mindful XR adoption involves understanding its cost and value above all else, aligning with your goals, and committing to ethical, accessible, sustainable, life-centered and infrastructure-ready practices.

Interested in learning more about how to leverage XR mindfully and with impact in your business? Connect with us now.


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